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Yves Saint Laurent New York Office Headquarters & Showrooms

Project Type:

Interior Renovation
Yves Saint Laurent / Gucci Group
New York, NY
20,000 GSF
$2,500,000 Construction Cost
June 2003


The New York offices of Yves Saint Laurent relocated to a landmark tower on 53rd Street and Madison Avenue upon completion of the interior renovation. The office tower brings together one of YSL’s main Manhattan stores on its lower two floors; YSL’s New York offices and showrooms on its intermediate floors; and the offices of Sergio Rossi and YSL Beauté on its top two floors.

Visitors and retailers to YSL’s New York Headquarters arrive at the 3rd floor to find the reception, the executive offices, and the first of 3 showrooms designed to showcase the latest fashion designs. An open stair joins the reception and 3rd floor showroom with the 4th floor showrooms, one of which is dedicated to shoes.  The clean and modern design, particularly of the public area and showrooms, complements the ever changing color and style of the latest YSL creations.