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Bronx YMCA Aquatic & Fitness Center
New Aquatic & Fitness Center

Project Type:

New Construction
YMCA of Greater New York
Bronx, NY
22,000 GSF
$5,000,000 Construction Cost
April 2003


The Bronx YMCA is on a large waterfront site with an existing gym building and an outdoor pool.  The new, 2-story Aquatics and Fitness building was constructed to provide an indoor swimming pool, men’s and women’s locker rooms, administrative offices, and a fitness/aerobics area.  The new facility is designed to expand horizontally, rather than vertically, as there is ample land.  The core spaces of administrative offices, locker rooms, cardiovascular area, and the pool were planned such that additional multipurpose classrooms can be added to the south end.  A long membership lounge, with views to the waterfront though the glassy east façade, is the main feature and also acts as a connector between the north and south ends of the building.  The building is situated within the 100 year flood plain and is designed to be as high as possible in relation to the shore line to take advantage of the view and to address the flood plain situation. The lower portion of the structure is designed to be flood proof.