• Queens College Rosenthal Library
  • Queens College Rosenthal Library
  • Queens College Rosenthal Library

Queens College Rosenthal Library Renovation Phase 1
Higher Education Library Renovation

Project Type:

Interior Renovation
City University of New York
Queens, NY
18,000 NSF
$2,125,000 Construction Cost
Phase 1 - 2013


Phase I of a multiple phased renovation plan for Queens College Rosenthal Library renovates existing interior spaces on two levels of the library to accommodate changing curriculums and modern technology requirements. The project includes renovation of a 10,000sf media commons area to provide independent & group student research study areas and a new 35 person computer lab for additional classroom space. The existing Queens College Special Collections and Archives will be expanded with a new 32 person Special Collections classroom for presentations, education and public & private review of the archive articles. The new classroom will have built-in technology for distance learning and a humidity controlled display case for ongoing display of collection items. Additional spaces to be renovated include a centralized copy center, new way finding signage throughout the building, new circulation and security desks at the main lobby, new security access turnstiles, computer stations and upgraded mechanical equipment.