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Emergency Psych Holding
Addition and Renovation of Existing ER

Project Type:

Addition/ Renovation
Columbia Memorial Hospital
Hudson, NY
1,500 GSF
June 2011


The existing emergency department at Columbia Memorial Hospital was renovated and expanded to provide four patient rooms, an administrative area, a toilet & shower, and a family waiting area.  This area is adjacent, yet separate from the main emergency department.

Donald Blair Architects was engaged to analyze the emergency department, and develop a master plan to improve and expedite patient care. Analysis required meetings with physicians, nurses, and administrators, review of patient statistics, and ultimately providing the data needed to increase the total bed capacity in the emergency department, and obtain a CON from NY State.

After the analysis, a schematic design was developed for a prompt care suite, a psych unit, and alterations to the registration and triage areas to improve patient entry procedures and expedite care based on patient acuity. The expansion consists of new exterior walls under an existing canopy, and the renovation of a portion of the existing emergency. The existing nurse station was also modified to improve nurse and patient privacy. It is anticipated that the additional components to the master plan will be implemented in the future.