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225 Park Avenue South Lobby
Renovation and Expansion of Existing Lobby

Project Type:

Interior Renovation/ Historic Preservation
Orda Management Corporation
New York, NY
4,000 GSF
$2,000,000 Construction Cost
Summer 2005


Due to the infrastructure improvements included in the scope of work, including elevator cab improvements and HVAC upgrades, a complex phasing plan was developed to minimize the impact of the construction work on building tenants. Additionally, an overhaul of building security had implications for circulation through the lobby as well as access to the elevators and loading dock area. The final design takes its cue from the existing historic lobby, using similar moldings, materials and lighting fixtures, in a contextual yet pared-down aesthetic. The completed lobby runs the length of the building and connects 6 separate elevator bays, which doubles the current size of the lobby. In the final design, the lobby extension incorporates both spatial variety and rhythm, borrowing from the existing volumes and level of detail.