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ORDA Management Corporation Office
Corporate Offices Renovation

Project Type:

Orda Management Corporation
New York, NY
5,000 GSF
$1,000,000 Construction Cost
January 2002


The design highlights the 15’ ceiling height while downplaying the relative absence of natural light in the new offices location within the American Woolen Building on Park Avenue South. The high ceilings were preserved by locating all the mechanical ductwork, electrical and plumbing lines within a soffit that ran along one side of the corridor. Offices were clustered to one side of this shelf and the common areas such as reception, conference rooms and kitchen to the other. A corridor running below the soffit connects the private offices with the semi-private spaces. In order to bring light into the core of the building, a clerestory band runs the length of the soffit. In addition to providing light, the clerestory makes the soffit, which is located within the clerestory, a floating appearance in the space as well as providing a visual connection between offices and common areas without sacrificing privacy.