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North Brooklyn YMCA Locker Room and Childcare Center
Athletic Facility Renovation

Project Type:

Master Plan/ Interior Renovation
YMCA of Greater New York
Brooklyn, NY
4,600 GSF
$500,000 Construction Cost
Summer 2003


Phase 1 of the Master Plan at the North Brooklyn YMCA, which focused on program enhancements, included the renovation of the 2,000 SF Men’s and Boy’s Locker room and 800 SF Teen Center in the cellar; the cosmetic upgrade of two 600 SF first floor childcare classrooms and toilets; and the addition of a 600 SF computer center on the 2nd floor. The pre-existing conditions of the architectural and mechanical systems made the coordination and construction of the locker room work challenging. The work was divided into phases to keep the locker room and program spaces operational at all times.

The renovations included new plumbing and mechanical systems for the entire locker room, showers, toilets, sauna, teen center, childcare center, and computer room. The renovation also required an upgrade to the electrical and sprinkler systems which were inadequate for the new programmatic requirements.

Working closely with the North Brooklyn YMCA staff during the design and construction, the renovation was able to transform the existing Locker rooms and program spaces to meet the membership growth plus the needs of the North Brooklyn YMCA.