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The intent of this project was to develop a master plan for research space allocated to the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The project involved surveying and analyzing the department’s current laboratories and ancillary spaces in order to evaluate existing conditions, as well as working closely with the university’s department of research, space and facilities Plan, and department of medicine faculty to determine immediate, short term and long term goals.

The master plan developed a sequence of renovations over 5, 10, and beyond 15 year periods. The initial 5 year portion of the plan, for approximately 25-30,000sf, will include detailed room by room plans, mechanical considerations, budget estimates and relocations for each group of renovations. The group of renovations in the 10 year portion of the plan will be developed to a schematic level for budgetary purposes, and the 15 year and beyond periods will include conceptual plans with budgets based on square footage.

The intent of the plan was to catalog the existing space and conditions in which the Department of Medicine is operating, and develop a rationalized plan to prioritize future renovations taking existing conditions, departmental growth and goals, and campus initiatives into consideration. It can also be used as a reference catalog to reevaluate needs as priorities change. The first two renovation projects conceived as part of this study are currently being realized.

Department of Medicine Research Master Plan

Project Type:

Interior Build-out
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN
13,000 GSF
$3,500,000 Construction Cost
September 2007